2021 Wind Up

As the house draws closer to completion, and with far less progress to share than there once was, my desire to blog has unfortunately greatly diminished. However, last month I reached a major milestone- moving into the Tiny House! Admittedly, it is still missing a few modern comforts, like running water for one, but with the main house less than 100 steps away, it’s no major inconvenience. (Though if things go to plan, the water situation will be remedied soon enough!)

It’s been quite fun to finally enjoy what I have built, even more so when I was able to decorate it for Christmas! I will continue to tackle the last of the detailing and missing pieces as the new year gets underway, but it is longer the centre of my world. Living in it has proved to be quite a good incentive to smash out some jobs over the break because it’s a lot less easy to ignore the tasks that require aesthetic and practical attention- especially as you begin to have visitors.

If we are fortunate enough to avoid a repeat of the last two years, my focus this year is definitely on pushing myself to become more confident and involved in the ‘real world.’ As a result, this blog, (and my Instagram account too), will likely continue to be quiet for some time, but perhaps, just like in the past, they may evolve into something with a new focus, time will tell.

To those who have continued to cheer me on, my sincere thanks, and my very best wishes to you all for a brighter and fulfilling 2022!


Two Months Later

I hadn’t realised how neglectful I had been of this blog and an update is more than due! It’s been 2 months, to the day, since I started work at my new job and the weeks have flown by, even so, some progress has been made since my last report. The painting of the walls and ceiling was finished by mid-August but it was only last weekend that Dad and I installed the flooring. A pretty speedy task that made a considerable visual difference!

Admittedly, I am feeling a little tired at the moment so I have pinched some of my recent instagram posts, however I hope that my next update, (which should feature the installation of my kitchen counters), will be ‘original content.’

I think you should be able to see these posts without an instagram account, though let me know if you have any issue!

Time to Paint

My Tiny House finally made it(!) and, thanks to our kindly neighbours, we got it in the yard, no trouble! (In hindsight, I was super fortunate it turned up when it did because if it had been today instead of last Friday.. well, that wouldn’t have happened.) I’ll be moving it further up the paddock when things dry out a little, but it’s here and I’m pretty excited.

But that is old news, because I have begun PAINTING! That’s right, transformation time. Yesterday I gave the bathroom a coat of primer and tomorrow I’ll be emptying out the rest of the house so I can get stuck into that over the weekend! I had been looking forward to picking out my bathroom paint tomorrow, (I’m thinking perhaps a very pale sage green), but we’ve been locked down, again, so no excuses but to continue with the primer coat!

Hope you’re all keeping well!

New Chapter, but First, Cute Lambs

All, almost, went to plan. I finished up on the farm at the end of June and joined my parents on their property near Castlemaine. It was with mixed feelings that I said goodbye to my life on the farm after 15 months, but as I mentioned in my last post, it was time to start a new chapter. And so, I packed up the Tiny House and all my belongings, said goodbye to the sheep and my favourite lambs, and headed back to Victoria a few days before my birthday. The Tiny House was to follow the week after, but due to Covid complications, it’s still sitting in SA. But that’s alright, it will get here when it does. Plus it gives me some time to establish myself in a new place.

It took me a few weeks to feel settled but I’ve since established myself a new routine, have begun applying for jobs and am getting back into making. With the absence of the Tiny House, I’ve had the chance to get stuck into some ideas I have been toying with for some time.

I am incredibly thankful for my time on the farm, especially for all the hundreds of sweet photos I have been sorting through, so here is a handful of final shots before we move into the present.





Endings and Beginings

All’s been quiet on my blog for a while now but I am back to report some big news! Yes! All going well, by the end of this month, it will be time, (once again), to move my Tiny House! However, this time, it is headed to its new home, rather than another work site. There will still be some tasks to complete like painting, laying the flooring, purchasing and installing a stove and countertop, not to mention the finishing of the cabinetry, but all of this will be completed from my new location! (And really, one can ask, is a home ever truly finished?) Most of this progress has been captured on Instagram, but for those who are happier blogging than scrolling, this post is for you!

In terms of getting to this stage, the last couple of months of work on the Tiny House have been, for the most part, enjoyable! The walls are entirely clad and trimmed, the lights are installed, and I have moved in all of the fixtures that I have built along the way, (some which have long been collecting dust). These still need a lick of paint or a wipe of stain, but it’s been brilliant to finally see the space come together. As the interior filled in, I felt the space shrinking, (inevitable when an empty space becomes a bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom), but now I am deeply happy with the space, in fact, I love it.

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time cursing the decision to undertake this project, and you can’t help but wonder whether it was money and time sensibly spent, but I’m beginning to feel the reward of perseverance. The house may no longer resemble what I first set out to build, both in terms of appearance and the way of life it represents, but it perfectly suits who I am now, at the age of 27, (almost 28!), and I look forward to seeing it continue its evolution in its new location.

The last few weeks here will see me working on the shelving and drawers for the cabinets and then I shall be packing all my belongings and materials inside the space for the big move! I must say, I will really miss being here on the farm, but it is due time to shake things up and try new things. Equally exciting and daunting!

Instagram and the Final Stage

It has been well over a year since I stopped posting on Instagram, but I have decided to give it another go. Why? Well, things are getting busy! After such a long wait, I am finally, finally, finally able to get stuck into the cladding of my house! I am back on site and the plumbing and wiring that had to be completed is done, meaning this past week I have begun to install the insulation and interior cladding, commencing the final stage of the build! 

Even better, for the first time throughout this project, I am no longer relying on anyone else to get the job done, and that feels so. damn. good. 

When your project is of such a small scale, it is always considered a novelty. People are interested in working on it, but as something they will ‘get around to’. It won’t bring in the big bucks and it won’t take up much time, so it can fit in around more important jobs. I understand this! I really do! (And don’t get me wrong, I am super pleased with the work of both my plumber and electrician). However, a house build is a series of steps, and certain stages must be complete before the next can commence. Therefore when ‘next week’ stretches into ‘next month’ and so on, the timeline really begins to stretch out, not at all helped by my polite assurances of ‘no rush’ or ‘at your convenience.’ But all that is behind me and it is so nice to kick into gear after chugging along for so long. Seeing the transformation as each piece of ply is attached, is quite a thrill. 

I certainly will continue to post here, but for me, a blog post is like a slow cooked dinner. Instagram? A packet of two minute noodles. It can take me hours to put together a blog post, and at the moment, (unless I am particularly struck with inspiration), Instagram will be my go-to, leaving me to spend more time on the house. 

If you’re on instagram, and you’re interested in keeping up with the day-to-day, you can find me by searching @fiona_fkm. Otherwise, here is a peek at what’s been happening over the last week.