Two Months Later

I hadn’t realised how neglectful I had been of this blog and an update is more than due! It’s been 2 months, to the day, since I started work at my new job and the weeks have flown by, even so, some progress has been made since my last report. The painting of the walls and ceiling was finished by mid-August but it was only last weekend that Dad and I installed the flooring. A pretty speedy task that made a considerable visual difference!

Admittedly, I am feeling a little tired at the moment so I have pinched some of my recent instagram posts, however I hope that my next update, (which should feature the installation of my kitchen counters), will be ‘original content.’

I think you should be able to see these posts without an instagram account, though let me know if you have any issue!


8 thoughts on “Two Months Later”

    1. Thank you!! I’d like to say they have been very carefully considered, but it has been much more a process of making choices on individual pieces/aspects and then crossing my fingers that they will sit together nicely. (Though it’s absurd that the white of the walls still bothers me a little- you’d think this would be the easiest thing to get right, but it’s just not quite creamy enough.)


  1. Love what you have done with the place Fiona and that new floor really does make a huge difference. I notice you are a Harry Potter fan as well. Congratulations on the new job and I hope that is going very well for you. Corresponding with your dad this morning (UK time) and it seems he is after a new Aston Martin. I can’t help but feel that’s the least you can do for him after he helped with the floor! 😉


    1. Thank you!! Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood though these books were re-read so often that the covers have completely fallen off the hardbacks! Whilst Dad certainly pulled his weight, I’m not so sure it would be wise to reward him so grandly whilst I can still put him to work- best to keep that incentive on the table until I’ve finished the house! 😀

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