Time to Paint

My Tiny House finally made it(!) and, thanks to our kindly neighbours, we got it in the yard, no trouble! (In hindsight, I was super fortunate it turned up when it did because if it had been today instead of last Friday.. well, that wouldn’t have happened.) I’ll be moving it further up the paddock when things dry out a little, but it’s here and I’m pretty excited.

But that is old news, because I have begun PAINTING! That’s right, transformation time. Yesterday I gave the bathroom a coat of primer and tomorrow I’ll be emptying out the rest of the house so I can get stuck into that over the weekend! I had been looking forward to picking out my bathroom paint tomorrow, (I’m thinking perhaps a very pale sage green), but we’ve been locked down, again, so no excuses but to continue with the primer coat!

Hope you’re all keeping well!