2021 Wind Up

As the house draws closer to completion, and with far less progress to share than there once was, my desire to blog has unfortunately greatly diminished. However, last month I reached a major milestone- moving into the Tiny House! Admittedly, it is still missing a few modern comforts, like running water for one, but with the main house less than 100 steps away, it’s no major inconvenience. (Though if things go to plan, the water situation will be remedied soon enough!)

It’s been quite fun to finally enjoy what I have built, even more so when I was able to decorate it for Christmas! I will continue to tackle the last of the detailing and missing pieces as the new year gets underway, but it is longer the centre of my world. Living in it has proved to be quite a good incentive to smash out some jobs over the break because it’s a lot less easy to ignore the tasks that require aesthetic and practical attention- especially as you begin to have visitors.

If we are fortunate enough to avoid a repeat of the last two years, my focus this year is definitely on pushing myself to become more confident and involved in the ‘real world.’ As a result, this blog, (and my Instagram account too), will likely continue to be quiet for some time, but perhaps, just like in the past, they may evolve into something with a new focus, time will tell.

To those who have continued to cheer me on, my sincere thanks, and my very best wishes to you all for a brighter and fulfilling 2022!