New Chapter, but First, Cute Lambs

All, almost, went to plan. I finished up on the farm at the end of June and joined my parents on their property near Castlemaine. It was with mixed feelings that I said goodbye to my life on the farm after 15 months, but as I mentioned in my last post, it was time to start a new chapter. And so, I packed up the Tiny House and all my belongings, said goodbye to the sheep and my favourite lambs, and headed back to Victoria a few days before my birthday. The Tiny House was to follow the week after, but due to Covid complications, it’s still sitting in SA. But that’s alright, it will get here when it does. Plus it gives me some time to establish myself in a new place.

It took me a few weeks to feel settled but I’ve since established myself a new routine, have begun applying for jobs and am getting back into making. With the absence of the Tiny House, I’ve had the chance to get stuck into some ideas I have been toying with for some time.

I am incredibly thankful for my time on the farm, especially for all the hundreds of sweet photos I have been sorting through, so here is a handful of final shots before we move into the present.