Instagram and the Final Stage

It has been well over a year since I stopped posting on Instagram, but I have decided to give it another go. Why? Well, things are getting busy! After such a long wait, I am finally, finally, finally able to get stuck into the cladding of my house! I am back on site and the plumbing and wiring that had to be completed is done, meaning this past week I have begun to install the insulation and interior cladding, commencing the final stage of the build! 

Even better, for the first time throughout this project, I am no longer relying on anyone else to get the job done, and that feels so. damn. good. 

When your project is of such a small scale, it is always considered a novelty. People are interested in working on it, but as something they will ‘get around to’. It won’t bring in the big bucks and it won’t take up much time, so it can fit in around more important jobs. I understand this! I really do! (And don’t get me wrong, I am super pleased with the work of both my plumber and electrician). However, a house build is a series of steps, and certain stages must be complete before the next can commence. Therefore when ‘next week’ stretches into ‘next month’ and so on, the timeline really begins to stretch out, not at all helped by my polite assurances of ‘no rush’ or ‘at your convenience.’ But all that is behind me and it is so nice to kick into gear after chugging along for so long. Seeing the transformation as each piece of ply is attached, is quite a thrill. 

I certainly will continue to post here, but for me, a blog post is like a slow cooked dinner. Instagram? A packet of two minute noodles. It can take me hours to put together a blog post, and at the moment, (unless I am particularly struck with inspiration), Instagram will be my go-to, leaving me to spend more time on the house. 

If you’re on instagram, and you’re interested in keeping up with the day-to-day, you can find me by searching @fiona_fkm. Otherwise, here is a peek at what’s been happening over the last week.